We look forward to making your trip unforgettable. Your travel is our business. Compensation for our expert advice and the time we spend planning your travel comes primarily from commissions paid by travel suppliers, such as resorts, hotels, car rental companies, and cruise lines. The small fee that we charge helps compensate for all of the time that goes into making your travel unforgettable.

Ready to begin planning your next unforgettable trip? 

In order for us to provide the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel, a Plan-to-Go agreement and deposit of $150 is required.  The deposit is non-refundable but $100 will be credited towards the cost of your travel booked through Unforgettable Travel. Customized trips with multiple components may involve additional fees.

With your deposit our expert travel advisors will provide a maximum of four quotes in no more than 2 destinations in a thirty-day period.

Plan-to-Go Agreement

After your initial no-cost (up to 30 minute) consultation, we ask that you review and accept our Plan-to-Go Agreement so that we can proceed.

Our Services

Payment to Unforgettable Travel

Service Type Service Fees
Plan-To-Go Fee
This is a separate fee, paid after your initial (up to 30 minutes) no-cost consultation.
$100 will be applied towards the cost of your travel booked through Unforgettable Travel. 
Air Fees (Per Traveler)
Airline ticket (Domestic and International)$60.00
Air Consolidator ticket$60.00
Air associated with Cruise/Tour booking$60.00
Air associated with domestic or international Group Departure$60.00
Air Refunds, Reissues & Exchanges $60.00
Miscellaneous Processing: Coupon, voucher, free ticket, ticket upgrade request, frequent flyer, online booking assistance (baggage, seat assignment, boarding passes, etc.), etc. $60.00
Rail Fees (Rail Only – Amtrak, Amtrak Vacations and Rail Europe) – Per transaction
Rail new ticket issue, ticket reissue, exchange or refund$60.00
Consultation Fees/FIT (per booking)*
Consultation Fee (FIT) for Customized Planning (multiple components; fee per booking).
Starting at $150 (fee is charged upfront and is retained whether or not booked; is not applied to total cost of booking)
Miscellaneous Fees (per transaction)
Visa Handling fees $25
Overnight Mail (one OR two day)$50
Returned check fee$50
Fees are in addition to any fees charged by airline or vendor and are non-refundable